What are the problems our product is going to address?

There are nearly no solutions for instantly purchasing a product from an advertisment you see in real life and share this opportunity with social friends, plus people do not remember advertisements and products.


Purchasing anything online by scan to pay in real life and sharing the product's quality feedback from user's in the social section by giving people the opportunity to comunicate the locations with posting pictures/videos and talk about the effect's of the products they have seen on the real-life advertisment.

Scan to Pay Example for an Airport:
Airport Shopping example

Scan to Pay Example for a StoreWall:
Huge Poster StoreWall Ad Example

Scan to Pay Example for a Concert Ticket in New York:
Huge Poster Ad Example

People will remember what they saw, can just save the product for later or scan the code / product, inform themselves, keep track of it, or even purchase directly through the the App. Plus you will be able to confirm the delivery with QRGen Technology and your personal Blockchain DID at a later stage.


The Founder Valentin is visionary and principal for this project, he graduaded at a Business School in Germany in 2010.
Interrested in Technology and Nature, since 2017 talked to alot of influental personalities in the Blockchain Tech Space.


App on Google Play Store

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The QRgen App (Android) was first released in May 2019.
Currently working on a Blockchain development, this will take time, but it is on the way and will turn out as the first Blockchain based QR System, which is more secure and reliable. Trying to have a good balance between centralization and decentralization to ensure that the benefits of the Blockchain and user experience is balanced. Future Development for displaying a quick response code with your Blockchain DID on the screen of your smartphone so that it can be scanned by a cashier at a checkout counter, instead of needing to swipe a debit or credit card.

It is also possible to give a proof of delivery in the QRGen ecosystem.
The Founder of the project is the first person ever, who verified a signed message for this usecase on a Blockchain.
You can get access for proof of delivery and address on the following links: Proof of Delivery & Proof of Address

HTML img Tag Signed Delivery

The project recently got some attention on this website: dApp review